North Hollywood, California — On Wednesday, 4 dismembered bodies were found in the backyard of a residential home in the center of North Hollywood.

Local authorities found the mutilated bodies early Wednesday morning after receiving a distress call from a neighbor, Susan Roe, 57, who claimed she heard "strange" noises coming from the house next door around 3:45 a.m.

When asked about the noises, Roe described them as "odd" and "different."

"I can't describe what I heard," Roe explained, "I don't want to."

Police are attempting to gather DNA to identify the victim's bodies, although strong evidence suggests that the remains belong to members of the Deluzio family who lived in the house and have since been missing.

Substantial evidence has not yet been released to the media, although local authorities claim a box of unidentified home videos was found on site. Even more chilling, massive stains of blood vaguely resembling ancient pagan occult symbols were found inside the home, according to one local source.

Four days later, no information about the victims has been released, including any identity of a possible suspect.