Keep The Spark Burning: Tips for Making Your Relationship Last

datingAll relationships start off perfect, like a Nicholas Sparks film. You are heads over heels in love with each other, you do everything together, and you constantly daydream about the other on an hour to hour basis.

But not all relationships go as planned. As painful as it might sound, most relationships fall into boring routine, wherein both parties are so used to each other that the excitement and fiery passion that were present in the initial stages of the relationship turns stagnant.

But this should not be the case.

Take a Look Inside

When did the boredom set in? And why? Sometimes the reasons are not external, but internal. For example, all relationships go quite stale after some time, but that doesn’t mean that the love is not there. If you’re a person who is always craving excitement, then the commitment of a long-term relationship might not be the right thing for you.

Or another reason is that you are, consciously or unconsciously, trying to keep relationships at a superficial level because you’ve already been hurt in the past. This might be a reason why you are afraid of developing your relationship, for fear of getting deeply hurt. Whatever the case, these are issues that you need to settle internally, and ideally, with the help of your loved one.

Pay Attention

If you’re a man, remember that your woman always wants you to pay attention to her. And you don’t even have to do anything major to make her feel special- even small things, like complimenting her on her looks or taking her on an unexpected date is enough to put a smile on her face.  If you’re a woman, remember that your man is not an emotionless rock that can go live without tender loving care. Compliments and positive statements go a long way. Your man needs a lot of attention and praise too.

Bringing Sexy Back

Romance is the spice that keeps relationships yummy. For women, get in touch with your sensual side.  Try to learn how to strip tease or pole dance. You can even try to read sex manuals together.

But it’s not all about the sex. Even simple romantic gestures, such as celebrating the first time that you’d met or your anniversary, giving her flowers on unexpected occassions, massaging each other’s back, can go a long way in reigniting the passion in a relationship.

Variety is the Key

Routine is boring. You might be so used to the everyday going-ons in your relationship that you don’t have anything to look forward to during the day. So, what is the solution to this problem? Simple: make an effort to try something new.

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then go sky-diving or wall-climbing. Like to travel? Then go beyond the usual tourist spots and go climb a mountain together. Don’t settle for the usual movies and dinner dates routine- these things are easy. Do something that you both have never done before, and see the fire coming back into your lives.

5 Tips You Can Implement Today To Attract A Man’s Attention

outonthetownEvery other day, several single women step out in style to social functions, hoping that at least a man will approach them for a conversation. Sadly, a good number of them end up disappointed. No matter how much the women try, the men don’t seem too eager to make the first move.

Are men not approaching women anymore? It turns out they still are! People are getting into relationships every other day, and a number of them end up at the altar. The wedding industry is at an all-time high.   The notion that soul mates don’t exist anymore is simply false. I firmly believe that men are interested in women as always, and new couples are coming together every day. Let go of the false believes that are prevalent among singles.

Here’s how you can make it easy for men to approach you:

1.Accept to meet new people

You may be blaming the men for not approaching; yet you’re hardly giving them any opportunity to do so. Go out to more social gatherings and network with the crowd. Ever considered a blind date? Give it a try. Avoid analyzing too much; and coming up with countless reasons why the meeting might not go well.  Nobody’s asking you to walk down the aisle; at least not yet! Just go out there and have fun.

2.Redefine beauty

Every woman wants to look good when attending a function. Clothes are selected with precision; hair and make-up done to perfection. But is that all there is to beauty? Real beauty radiates from within and is more attractive than a sexy dress or fine jewelry. It shows in the way you talk, laugh, complement others and appreciate the small things in life. Try focus on these things for your next social function, without spending a fortune on your attire. Not only will you have much more fun, you’re also likely to attract the right men and you can kick it off from there.

3.Invite with a smile

Walking up to a woman is a daunting task for any man. They’ll be glancing at you from a distance, trying to predict your reaction when they walk over. A smile on your face tells a guy that he’s welcome to chat.  A brief eye contact also goes a long way in putting the man at ease. Be warm; and man will definitely consider you approachable.

4.Accept his charm

Most guys will approach you with a complement; never mind that it can be creepy, exaggerated or downright hilarious. Either way, take it with grace. You don’t want the man to feel rejected. Once you’re receptive to his maiden attempt, he’ll be attracted to you even more and will definitely stay and chat.

5.Allow him to be the hero

Men take pride in being saviors, doing for you what you can’t do for yourself. Ask for help from that guy ogling you. Let him help carry your bags or check out that funny noise from the bonnet. With his ego already stroked, he’ll be more than willing to stay and chat. Apply these tips in your next couple of social functions. Don’t forget my invite to your big day.